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Core Values

Alternatives Incorporated's core values drive our culture and reflect who we strive to be every day. They demonstrate our beliefs and how we treat survivors, community members, and each other. We embody these values at every level of our organization. They guide our decisions and help us grow.

Quality Service

Treat everyone with respect and be mindful of their health and wellness.

Be present, engaged, and proactive.

Approach situations with kindness, empathy, and compassion.

Be genuine and authentic. Recognize this requires flexibility, adaptability, and creativity.

Be patient, courteous, and professional.

Courage & Strength

Have hope, self-repect, determination, strength and independence.

Identify, recognize, and utilize the strengths of ourselves and others.

Be open to new ideas, try new methods, seek feedback, explore the unknown, and think outside the box.

Create safer spaces for everyone to be heard.


Act with integrity and trust one another.

Invest in and take ownership of the work.

Be dependable, reliable, open, and honest.

Focus on the problem, not the person.


Treat all individuals with dignity and respect—survivors, community members, coworkers, etc.

Embrace their diversity and culture.

Approach all opportunities with fairness and curiosity—be open to learning and growth.

Create and nourish an environment of acceptance and inclusivity.


Show up—be present and dependable.

Support one another and provide assistance. Create unity.

Contribute ideas, listen to others (not just hearing their words), and take ownership of our work together.

Trust each other. Bring positivity to the table.

Communicate with on another and be transparent. Act with integrity.