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July 2017 FAMILY MATTERS Newsletter

Thursday, July 13, 2017



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 NEW Socks and Underwear (women and children)


Diapers- sizes 4, 5, and 6

After School Snacks

Juice Boxes

Large Bath Towels






WHAT: Purse Auction & 
           Wine Pull

WHERE: The Wellington Fishers
             9775 N by NE Blvd.
             Fishers, IN 46037

WHEN: Saturday, August 26th
           11:00 a.m.

COST: $35 per person

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Did you know that Alternatives receives funding in exchange for old, used cell phones? Do you have any lying around that you don't use anymore? Does your place of employment have piles of unclaimed phones in a "lost and found"? Drop them off at the shelter and turn those useless phones into impactful funding for our organization!



 July is National Parks and Recreation AND National Ice Cream Month!




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In the month of July, independence and freedom are words shared over hamburgers on a grill and fireworks that illuminate the sky. While the Fourth of July represents freedom for our nation as a whole, many of those coming from abuse do not feel free. Past pain, anxiety, and fear can shackle these victims who are often leaving what was dangerous or even life-threatening situations. They may carry the burden of the past: choices they have made, guilt, shame, and feelings of worthlessness or hopelessness. Obtaining complete freedom is the desired result for any survivor, freedom that occurs in the mind, not just in a physical state. Here are five suggested ways to move toward inner freedom:

1) Stop blaming. It is important to recognize what is in our control and what is not.

2) Forgive others who have hurt you. 

3) Forgive yourself.

4) Reclaim your personal power.

5) Stop all forms of self-sabotage and limiting beliefs. 

These steps are a journey and take time. They involve changing patterns of thinking and creating new and different choices. It is difficult and might take a helping hand, a reassuring voice, or a listening ear to make the step. Alternatives staff members lead groups to help connect the residents with inner peace and healing. Groups such as self-esteem building, leadership, discovering your voice, support with addictions, relaxation, safe people, and art therapies are just a few. Our hope is those who come with these shackles will not only find physical freedom from their abuser but can begin a journey to find complete freedom as they transition from victim to survivor.



Throughout the summer, the children that call Alternatives home have the opportunity to embark on a summer full of adventures! Staff members, Tammy Noland and Justin Krieg, have taken the children to the Escape Room in Fishers, swimming, picking strawberries, Conner Prairie, and The Artist Within, just to name a few. These trips are much more than just fun. They are giving the children opportunities they would otherwise never have and focusing on widening their worldview. They are taught respect, manners in public, and how to interact in a public setting. Their individual areas of growth potential are identified and cultivated. 

Socially, the children are enlightened to the premise they are part of something special, an elite group. The lives of many of these children have been wrought with instability and fear. Kid Connection offers a chance to change their perspective and broaden their horizon. For Tammy, the best part of Kid Connection is getting to see the smiles of joy across the faces of the children, as they live a new experience other kids may simply take for granted. We are so glad to have the opportunity to provide these experiences for the children!


'Paula' has found purpose after overcoming an abusive relationship and is moving forward with her own dreams. Despite the great obstacles that were before her, she continued to press forward, determined to share her story and be an advocate for other abused women and children.

Paula first found Alternatives though a hospital referral after being treated for an injury at the hands of her husband. Paula had no place to go and was all alone. Alternatives gave her hope and a chance for a different life. "Alternatives has impacted my life and given me a strong determination to fulfill my goals. They have offered great hope and encouragement, emotionally and physically."

Paula desires to return to school, get her G.E.D., and pursue a career as a CNA. She insists she will never be ashamed to tell her story and encourages other victims to seek help immediately after abuse begins because it will only get worse. 




Community Hospital Anderson has been a valued partner with Alternatives for many years. We are thankful for the generous financial support ensuring our growth of programs and services. Beyond financial giving, CHA partners with us in numerous ways.


CHA has given us in-kind donations that make a difference in our resident's needs. Most recently, we received boxes of personal hygiene items. Thank you for the lotion, toothpaste, shampoo, and other items for our families!

CHA also helps with security patrols of our facility. They partner with our education and prevention efforts with their own employees and refer those who have suffered from domestic or sexual violence to our services.

Thank you Community Hospital Anderson for your support and partnership. We look forward to a continued joint effort to eradicate domestic and sexual violence within our community!



Last year, we had our inaugural Purses for a Purpose fundraiser. As the photos depict, the event was a huge success with plenty of entertainment! Next month, August 26th at 11 am, we will be having our second annual Purses for a Purpose fundraiser at The Wellington in Fishers. Rafael Sanchez will return as our Master of Ceremonies, as well as our purse "models". The event will feature a light lunch; a live auction with new purses; a silent auction of new and gently-used purses and unique non-purse items; a Wine Pull; and a raffle for an Amazon gift card! Don't miss this event to benefit Alternatives and ensure our community is a more peaceful place for all! Click here to purchase tickets online. 





Media is important. It's all around us, whether in the form of newspaper, television, or our phones, all of which can tell us a lot more than just the news. Fictionalized worlds serve as mirrors of our own existence and are a key component of our perception of relationships. From a young age, boys and girls are shown images of couples, whether in the form of their parents, Disney movies, or the action hero who saves the damsel in distress. These images can have a huge impact on how we form relationships during our teen years and adulthood. They also affect our priorities. Girls and women are more likely to focus on maintaining relationships, whether they are healthy or not. Boys and men and more likely to focus on power and control as a sign of masculinity, exerting dominance over toys, friends, and potentially their partners.

These facts increase the need for more forms of media that portray positive, gender equal relationships. Television shows such as Buffy the Vampire Slayer were forerunners in this genre, but more recently, Wonder Woman has entered the field. This film is important for many reasons. It shows more than healthy relationships and female empowerment; it talks about the role of violence in society and encouraged a new generation of boys and girls to think about gender and power differently.

Want to know more about Wonder Woman and its impact on Primary Prevention? Check out the article "Wonder Woman's Impact on Primary Prevention" by clicking here.







Thank you to all who support Alternatives! We could not provide services for victims to escape abuse and find their own freedom without the generous support of our community partners who give! Because of you, there is purpose for 'Paula' and so many like her, summer adventures for our children, education about prevention of domestic and sexual abuse, and hope for so many for a different life! Your support makes a real impact!







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