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May 2017 FAMILY MATTERS Newsletter

Monday, June 12, 2017




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NEW Socks and Underwear (women and children)

Diapers (Size 4 and 5)







WHAT: Elwood DQ Fundraiser

WHERE: Elwood Dairy Queen
            1920 S. Anderson St.
            Elwood, IN 46036

WHEN: Wednesday, July 12th
           4:00 p.m. - 10:00 p.m.

A portion of sales will benefit Alternatives!




WHAT: Purse Auction & Wine Pull

WHERE: The Wellington in Fishers
             9775 N by NE Blvd.
             Fishers, IN 46037

WHEN: Saturday, August 26th
           11:00 a.m.

COST: $35 per person

Contact Ashley with questions, or if you are interested in being a sponsor!







Don't forget YOU CAN SUPPORT Alternatives through your ON-LINE Shopping! 

Yes, AmazonSmile will donate between 1-6% of your purchases to Alternatives when you log on to AmazonSmile. What do you have to lose? We gained $67 to help victims of domestic violence in just a 3-month period. Click on the picture below and bookmark it for your future purchases.











 Mary Jo Lee
By Thomas & Jessica Bannon
Craig & Marsha Dunkin
Bryan & Cathie Mills





 Thank you to members of our Advocacy Club -
those who make a small contribution each month to ensure our services continue. You may feel like your monthly contribution "isn't much" - but to us it means the world. Over the course of your lifetime, all those small gifts add up to a substantial contribution. We appreciate your continued and dependable support!

To join today, contact:

Andrea Carlile at:




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Did you know that Alternatives receives funding in exchange for old, used cell phones? Do you have any lying around that you don't use anymore? Does your place of employment have piles of unclaimed phones in a "lost and found"? Drop them off at the shelter and turn those useless phones into impactful funding for our organization!





Johna Lee and her husband Michael of 26 years. They live in Anderson with their five dogs.


Johna Lee began her career at Alternatives when she was in high school. Whenever the shelter had a project or needed something, it was a family affair. Johna first began working with Mary Jo (her mother-in-law) at her accounting business, AM Bookkeeping, and Women's Alternatives (as it was called then) was one of their accounts. Johna fondly remembers, "Alternatives was quickly becoming an organization that was near and dear to my heart and I knew this was where I was meant to be."

Almost 25 years later, Johna was unanimously voted in as the new Chief Executive Officer, replacing Mary Jo as she retired. Johna desires to build on what has been forged, with the ultimate goal to live in a world free of violence. Johna says this of her vision for Alternatives moving forward, "We have a done a good job of providing a safe haven for victims fleeing violence for nearly four decades. We now need to concentrate our efforts and expand in the area of prevention to truly see our goal become reality."

The best part of working at Alternatives for Johna is hearing laughter and seeing smiles on the faces of residents who call Alternatives home. For many of the children, the facility is the first time they have had peace and are not living in fear. Witnessing a victim gain confidence and the opportunity to express themselves, while realizing someone cares and respects them, is what Alternatives is all about. Johna has spent her career helping create and fulfill this mission; now she has the opportunity to continue to move the organization forward as CEO! 




The annual golf fundraiser was a huge success, raising $31,000! We are so thankful to all who sponsored, played, and/or volunteered to help make this another great year. The day started off perfect with a crystal blue sky and finished with our 1st and 2nd place winners, E & B Paving and Aspire.



This year's event left lasting memories. Take a look at these photos that captured the fun of the day. Thank you for supporting Alternatives and the mission to eradicate domestic and sexual violence!






'Sandra' entered the shelter with her son and a past filled with abuse and struggle. She found hope for her family's future at Alternatives. Sandra was accepted into our transitional program and will now have the opportunity to stay at the shelter for up to two years. Sandra is thankful she can pursue her dreams of becoming an LPN and getting her own home. She is currently taking CNA classes and is focused on giving her son a stable and happy life. Providing a different life for her son is paramount for Sandra and she encourages other victims by saying, "There is hope out there. There is someone who cares. Don't stop fighting. Keep going."

Alternatives' services go beyond emergency shelter. We provide five transitional rooms for residents to stay up to two years. Residents who complete a year in the program are then eligible for a Section 8 Housing Voucher with no waiting. This gives survivors like Sandra and her son, the opportunity to pursue their dreams and find a different life. 




We were blessed by many groups, donations, and services this month. We cannot help our families without the support of wonderful donors who give their time, talents, and treasure.

Thank you Nestle, for the breakfast drinks, canned goods, and service of cleaning and landscaping our facility!

Thank you Madison Park Church of God for the chocolate Easter eggs!



Thank you Greenfield Christian Church for the wonderful donation of $863 to help us fill our pantry and to Greenfield Police Department Captain Brian Guinn for helping us transport, load, and unload the items!



Ashley Waterbury-Carpenter, Chief Operating Officer


Ashley Waterbury-Carpenter is the Chief Operating Officer at Alternatives and will be with the organization 5 years this July. The best part of her job is her coworkers and being able to be a part of a team. Ashley leads fund development, writes grants, and has helped expand Alternatives' prevention programming!

"We have taken our prevention programming beyond the classroom (which is a very important place to start) and are now reaching other sectors and levels of our community. We are deeply engaged with other agencies across the state to increase our overall impact."

Ashley lives in Anderson with her husband and two dogs.

Thank you Ashley for all you do for Alternatives and the lives impacted because of your vital work!


Did you know? For more facts about domestic violence click here!






Alternatives Inc.
P. O. Box 1302
Anderson, IN 46015

Local Crisis: (765) 643-0200
Toll-free Crisis: (866) 593-9999
Hancock County: (317) 462-8777
Administration: (765) 643-0218


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