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Core Values


PERSEVERANCE: Alternatives Inc. is dedicated to remain steadfast in the fight to end violence and support those who have the strength and courage to speak out.

EMPOWERMENT: Alternatives Incorporated's programs and services implement and sustain meaningful alternatives to violence, promote diversity and inclusion, increase positive self-image, and encourage everyone to speak in their own voice.

ADVOCACY: Alternatives Inc. assists those in need of services with dignity, respect, and compassion in addition to providing a modern facility that imparts a family atmosphere and fosters positive change.

COLLABORATION: Alternatives Inc. strives to integrate the finest staff into the communities we serve through teamwork and dedication to promote a coordinated community response.

EDUCATION: Alternatives Incorporated is committed to education about domestic violence, sexual assault, child abuse, and homelessness so that men, women, children, and communities understand the aspects of healthy relationships and how to identify dangerous situations. In addition, we offer the necessary tools and instruction for survivors and their children to increase knowledge, prepare for job readiness, and enhance overall life skills.